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In 2019 Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV) celebrated its 10th anniversary. In recognition of this milestone, and a commitment to ensuring a secure financial future for Northwest Neighbors Village, a Northwest Neighbors Village Legacy Society was established. Individuals making a bequest will become a member of Northwest Neighbors Village Legacy Society.

"When I think about what 'legacy' means to me, being forever connected to an organization like NNV, one that meant a lot to me, is a big part of it!"

  Why a Legacy Society?

You've spent a lifetime helping people and supporting the causes you believe in. One of those causes may be building strong neighborhood connections and enabling older adults to thrive as they age and be engaged in the community they know and love. Making NNV an intended beneficiary in your estate plan ensures that you can continue to support older adults in our community long into the future, and it won’t impact your current financial situation.

Leaving a bequest is easy and rewarding. Many people are surprised to learn how easy it is to make a lasting difference for a charity they love by leaving a gift in their will or trust, or by naming the charity as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA, or other financial or insurance account.

  Benefits to You

  • You can take care of your family first.
  • Your gift costs you nothing now.
  • You are not locked in and can change your mind if circumstances change.
  • Your gift may provide tax savings or help reduce the tax burden for your heirs.
  • You may choose to keep your gift anonymous.
  • You will make your mark and be remembered as someone who is truly committed to the goal of a ensuring a community where older adults are valued, age with dignity, and enjoy opportunities for growth and engagement.

  How NNV can help you make a legacy gift

The simplest way to make a legacy gift is to declare your intention and name NNV as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, brokerage account, retirement plan or IRA, stating the desired contribution you wish to make to NNV's Legacy Fund. The funds you entrust to NNV will be used to continue and promote our mission and services to seniors. We, and those we serve, will be forever grateful!

Click here to see sample bequest language that provides that NNV will receive a specified dollar amount or a percentage of a residuary estate.

We invite you to complete our Declaration of Intent Legacy Gift Form (PDF download) to tell us about a commitment you have made or plan to make.

To learn more about ways to make a legacy gift, please see our Legacy Society FAQ, or call 202-935-6060.

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