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  Be a part of Northwest Neighbors Village!

Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV) is now offering a special three-month trial full membership for residents within our village boundaries!  Click on this map to see if you live in our catchment area.  Full membership includes access to our volunteer services like rides to medical appointments and tech support. There’s no time like the present to join and experience the community and support your neighborhood Village has to offer.  

Join Northwest Neighbors Village for three months. After three months, you can choose to convert to an annual membership or decide to conclude your trial membership. This trial is not available for the supporting membership level.

Three-Month Trial Full Membership Fees*
$55/month for a single membership
$80/month for a household membership

*Reduced fees are available for neighbors with limited incomes. 

  Benefits of Full Membership during the Current Pandemic

Northwest Neighbors Village is open and operating! Though we are practicing safe physical distancing, we’re “virtually” more socially connected than ever before.  We invite you to join our community of mutual support and engagement.

  • Community Connections and Volunteer Support:  Members and volunteers are staying connected.  Through frequent phone calls and Zoom chats, members report feeling a part of a caring community and are not isolated or alone. Members receive individualized services (ex. rides to essential medical appointments, tech support, grocery shopping assistance) from a dedicated community of volunteers who are screened, trained, and supported by our professional team. 
  • Social, Cultural, and Wellness Programs:  When the pandemic began, our Village quickly adapted.  Volunteers were at the ready to help members solve technology challenges, ensuring all members have access to participate in the online world.   Members enjoy an array of online programs, including gentle yoga, jazz concerts, social chats, support groups, and educational programs. Members constitute the heart of our mission and we invite members to help shape our future programming. 
  Access Our Robust Network of Resources

Confused about social distancing?  Having trouble mastering Instacart?   Need a recommendation for a good movie or book? NNV can help with all of these things!  Members have access to our private listserv, professional referrals, professional case management, and exclusive and timely communication.

Northwest Neighbors Village is a member-driven organization that has been adjusting to the interests and needs of our members since opening our doors in 2009.  In response to the current pandemic, NNV is creating guidelines and safety protocols in accordance with local and federal recommendations to prepare for gradually and safely navigating our future with COVID-19.

Want to know more about Northwest Neighbors Village? Please give us a call at 202-935-6060 or email us at

  Next Steps:

If you are interested in trying out membership with Northwest Neighbors Village, simply fill out our online application form or download a printable version and send it in an email to or call our office at 202-935-6060. After we receive your inquiry, an informal conversation will be scheduled with one of our staff members to discuss services, programs and events you may enjoy and to better understand your specific interests and needs.

Begin the application process online:

Or, download the application form (Print and send either via email or postal mail):

Either way, we ask that you print and sign the last page of the Member Agreement:

If you have trouble downloading either of these PDFs, please let us know ( or 202-935-6060) and we will email you a copy.

Email to or send to:
Northwest Neighbors Village

P.O. Box 39135
Washington, DC 20016