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  How to Use Anydesk

AnyDesk is a program that allows anyone to use their computer to connect to any other computer remotely (with the permission of the owner of the remote computer!) It is free for personal use and can be very useful when helping others navigate their computer.

It is available as a free download here.

Michael Casson of Computeroo has recorded a few short videos to help you get started with AnyDesk.

How to install AnyDesk on your computer in order to help or be helped (You only need to download and install it the first time you use it):

  1. Installing AnyDesk on Windows (using Chrome)
  2. Installing AnyDesk on Windows (using Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  3. Installing AnyDesk on Mac (using Chrome)
  4. Installing AnyDesk on Mac (using Safari)

Using Anydesk to connect to another computer:

  1. Assisting someone using AnyDesk (Windows to Mac)
  2. Assisting someone using AnyDesk (Windows to Windows)