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  Strong Leadership and Compassionate Values

Northwest Neighbors Village is a volunteer-based, community-first non-profit.

  Officers and Board of Directors:

Judie Fien Helfman - President
Morgan Gopnik - Vice President
Sam Smith - Treasurer
Beverly Lunsford - Secretary
Board Members: Steve Altman, Richard Avidon, Jessica Berenson, Albert Foer, Alice Hayes, Merilee Janssen, Ann Van Dusen, Karen Zuckerstein
Board Members Emeritus: Frances Mahncke, Janean Mann, Robert Parker, Stewart Reuter, Jo Ann Tanner

Stephanie Chong Heather Hill Leslie Pace
Executive Director
Stephanie Chong
Volunteer Coordinator
Heather Hill
Administrative Assistant
Leslie Pace

P.O. Box 39135
Washington, DC 20016
phone: (202) 935-6060

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