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Welcome to Northwest Neighbors Village!  

Our Vision: We envision a generous, supportive community where older adults are valued, age with dignity, and enjoy opportunities for growth and engagement.

Our Mission: Our mission is to enable older adults to thrive as they age in our community by offering a robust network of resources and opportunities.

Our Values:

Caring - We hold that compassion, kindness, and generosity are the guiding principles behind everything we do.
Positive Aging - We are committed to making sure that each person, as they age, can thrive, building on their strengths to facilitate living with purpose and self-determination.
Collaboration - We strive to strengthen the community in which we live, by promoting partnerships and collaboration and maximizing the participation of people we serve.
Integrity - We value honesty, respect, and transparency as fundamental to how we treat each other and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
Diversity - We see strength in individual differences and welcome all in the community.
Innovation - We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement and strive to employ creativity and use best practices in our management and the services we provide.   

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10th Anniversary: