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This page will regularly be updated. If there is an area of technology help that you would like to see addressed here, please email and request it.

Northwest Neighbors Village volunteers are available to help Members with simple technology questions.  Members with complex technology needs can contact the office at 202-935-6060 or for a referral to a reputable computer professional.

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Avoiding Scams

Online Tips

Software Tips

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Connect.DC is a Digital Inclusion Initiative for senior residents of Washington, DC. They offer:

  • Tech workshops (Smartphone 101, Social Media 101, Internet Safety) 
  • Free tech support
  • Training classes from DCPL and other providers

See their website for more information and a calendar of programs.

CyberSeniors is a Youtube Channel that has many, many how-to videos on using various websites, apps and computer programs.
Here is just a small selection:


Email Scam email examples:

 "Phishing" scam 

I received this scary-looking email about my Paypal account. From here it looks real. But there are so many scams these days, I'm suspicious...

When I click to open the email, I can see that it's not coming from Paypal at all. The real email address it's coming from is between the angle brackets (< >). See the area circled in red. 

Although it looks real, if I click on that Login button and type in my password... someone nefarious will steal it and get in to my Paypal account.

If it feels wrong and you're not sure - Don't click any links! 

 Gift Card Scam 

From Jane Whitaker

"I was talking to a friend in Ohio and we were both hit by a very good scam but didn’t bite. We got an email from a friend (not the same person) who was in a bind and needed a gift card emailed to them immediately. The reasons seemed okay.

In my case I had never heard of the kind of gift card desired and didn’t know where to buy it.  This scammer even said 'her' phone was out which seemed reasonable as my friend lives in the mountains.  The scammer made the mistake in my case of saying 'oh blimey' which rang alarm bells.

These scammers prey on our generosity to old friends.  I don’t know how they linked her to me as we haven’t conversed since the beginning of the virus.

If anyone asks for gift cards due to an emergency one should not respond. This is a very good scam as it purportedly comes from someone you know and plays on your friendship to get you to bite. The email address was almost the same, just a couple of letters different.

Our generation does not email gift cards and that should be an ample red flag. If in doubt offer to send a check after talking to them."