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Winnowing: Sharing Your Life Story in Six Chapters


Tue 10 / 20 / 2020
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM


Online via Zoom



Limited Capacity: 3 spots available


Sharing Your Life Story in Six Chapters

David Oldfield, author of the book Winnowing, invites you to join him for a six-week journaling experience in which you will “winnow” the essential story of your life as a gift to pass along to future generations. Class size is limited to 12. Participants are asked to commit to participating in all six workshops. Copies of your own Winnowing journal are provided as a gift from Northwest Neighbors Village and the author.

Winnowing is a delightful six-week journaling experience for people who have lived a long time and want to distill what their lives have taught them - for their own sake and to pass along to those hungry for the wisdom that comes only with age.

The art of winnowing is the essence of this approach. In ancient days, at harvest time, men and women would gather harvested grain in winnowing baskets, toss it high in the air where the wind would blow away the chaff while the nutritious grain fell back into the basket. Winnowing is the act of separating the essential from the unnecessary.

The invitation of these sessions is to do the same with our lives. The book, Winnowing, is a diary of poignant questions organized into chapters that help us get to the heart of who we are:

  • The Times of Your Life
  • Connections and Relationships
  • Trouble You’ve Faced and Overcome
  • Strivings and Accomplishments
  • Miracles and Wonders You’ve Witnessed
  • Legacies You Hope to Leave

Each week we’ll look at our lives through one of these “windows” and share stories of the personal experiences that have shaped our personalities. You’ll be given a Winnowing journal to write in to prepare for each session, but this is not a writing class – no judgements, critiques or comparisons allowed! Rather Winnowing is a celebration of what makes each of us unique, and all of us the same.

You must RSVP to receive your complimentary copy of the Winnowing journal and link to the six-week workshop. 

(This workshop is only available to NNV Members and Volunteers).

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