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Virtual Speaker Series - What is Old Age For? Stories from The Fulfillment Project at Farther On - David Oldfield


Thu 04 / 08 / 2021
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

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What is Old Age For? Stories from The Fulfillment Project at Farther On

Speaker: David Oldfield, Founder and Director of The Midway Center for Creative Imagination

The other great stages in the life cycle – childhood, adolescence, adulthood – are pretty well-mapped; we know how to be a kid, a teen, a successful adult. They have their plans and purposes; they are for something. But at retirement, the map of life grows sketchy. The purpose of being old is usually described in terms both vague and depressing, if spoken of at all.

What is old age for?

David Oldfield has been designing rites of passage for adolescents and recent retirees for 30 years. He recently created Farther Onan initiation experience for people eager to embrace the adventure of growing old.  He will share ancient and modern perspectives about what makes this stage of life a unique adventure, and the many paths people have discovered to make it purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling.

David Oldfield is founder and director of The Midway Center for Creative Imagination in Washington, D.C. David has spent the last 35 years designing transformational experiences and toolboxes to help people through threshold times in the lifecycle--adolescence, midlife, retirement, and the final threshold of our deaths. 
David’s guidebooks and programs address these profound transitions and have been used around the world.  Additionally, he is devoted to helping corporations and organizations through their own threshold moments of growth and renewal.  His work is grounded in the timeless wisdom of world mythology.  

Northwest Neighbors Village is a local non-profit dedicated to building a supportive community where older adults are valued and age with dignity. We are delighted to offer these programs for free to our neighbors, and keep you engaged and learning. To learn more about us or to support our efforts to enable older adults to thrive in Northwest, DC, please visit our homepage.

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