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Virtual Speaker Series - The Aftermath: The End of the Baby Boom’s Effect on Politics and the Economy


Tue 03 / 14 / 2023
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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The Aftermath:  The End of the Baby Boom’s Effect on Politics and the Economy

Speaker: Philip Bump

Washington Post columnist Philip Bump’s book, The Aftermath: The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America, is a sweeping assessment of how the baby boom created modern America, and where power, wealth, and politics will shift as the boom ends. How much longer will Boomers control wealth? Will millennials get shortchanged for jobs and capital as Gen Z rises? What kind of pressure will Boomers exert on the health care system? How do generations and parties overlap? When will regional identity trump age or ethnic or racial identity? Who will the future GOP voter be, and how does that affect Democratic strategies? What does the Census get right — and wrong?

Writing with a light hand and deft humor, Bump helps us navigate the flood of data in which our sense of the country now drowns. He fits numbers into a narrative about who we are (including what "we" really means), how we vote, where we live, what we buy—and what predictions we can make with any confidence. We know what will happen eventually to the baby boomers. What we don't know is how the boomer legacies might reshape the country one final time. Mr. Bump will share with us some answers that will help us manage the historic disruption of the American state we are now experiencing.

Philip Bump is a national columnist for The Washington Post. Prior to that he led politics coverage for The Atlantic Wire. In the past, he worked as a designer at Adobe Systems. As one of the paper's most read writers, he focuses on the data behind polls and political rhetoric. He also writes a weekly newsletter, "How To Read This Chart." He has appeared or been heard on most major media outlets, from MSNBC to Fox News to PBS to NPR. His first book, The Aftermath, looks at the overlap of the end of the baby boom and the upheaval in American politics and the U.S. economy.

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